Do you feel unfulfilled? Does organized religion leave you cold?

It did me! I heard the judgement about which religion was better than the other. The belief that only one religion could get you into heaven. Only one was the way to eternal peace.

Facts like Christianity came into existence long after pagans were in existence. I spent a lot of time studying different religions and discovered the common thread is love. Love of each other.

Love began showing up everywhere in my life. I just opened myself up and let it flow into me. I opened myself to the teachings of plants, of animals, of the universe.

I am opening myself to you. I will share information about about herbs, of your health, of the secrets held within yourself.

I will send you kits to do perform your own spells whether it is for love, for money or to place curses. I offer poppets and dollies with instructions and how to use them. I offer powerful ingredients for you to use and explain how to use them to your advantage.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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