A barefoot kind of girl

I have found comfort being barefoot outdoors most of my life. It just feels good to be connected to the earth in such an intimate way.

My father needed to seed our yard one year shortly after moving into our house. He decided that clover with little white flowers would be pretty. He was right. The whole yard blooming with little white blossoms was beautiful! Honeybees thought so too. They swarmed over the blossoms gathering the pollen. The little sacs on their hind legs full of their yellow bounty. They thought they had found paradise!

Then there was this young daughter who couldn’t resist running in the soft sun warmed clover. The first time I accidentally stepped on one it was deeply offended and promptly shoved his stinger in my foot. I howled out from the pain. My mom came and carried me in the house. Trying hard not to cause more pain she carefully removed the stinger. I got a pretty good sized hive from the ordeal.

Did it stop my barefoot ways? Hardly. I would start out with my shoes on for awhile, then the lure of feeling the warm grass would overpower my mother’s words of caution not to step on bees would fade and off my shoes would come! 

Sometimes I would successfully avoid the little guys but multiple times I did not. Each time the hive got bigger and it became harder to resist scratching them. Sometimes waking me at night with the itching. We tried calamine lotion but it really didn’t help much.

The last time I stepped on a honeybee my foot swelled as tight as my skin allowed and a short distance above my ankle. Mom didn’t feel sorry for me because it was my own stubbornness that got me into the situation to begin with is what I was told but I saw her concern in her eyes.

Eventually I wore my shoes while the clover bloomed but I took them off every chance I got all the rest of the time.

Now scientists have found that the earth gives us energy when we walk barefoot on it. We benefit in many ways from this energy and it helps us feel better.

I have learned to visualize sending roots into the earth and release stress and anger into the soil. If it is too cold to be outdoors barefoot we can still accomplish that by visualizing being outdoors and sending roots down. It is the next best thing.

I like to visualize the energy coming up into me while barefoot as well. Recall your own experiences being barefoot. I love to recollect the feeling of my feet in the sand or sinking into the muck at the bottom of the lake our family went to while we were young. I would feel around with my toes to find clams. Together with my brother we would gather them while thinking we would keep them in an aquarium at home. But my great grandma liked to eat them in stew and I would be talked into letting her do so. I tried to like them too but they were not appealing to me at all.

I still go barefoot and love every minute of it. I hope you will join me soon!

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