Approaching your dreams

Lately I have had the privilege of watching nesting birds approach the food at our feeders.
The grackles have three distinctive approaches from the dogwood tree nearby. Some dive beak first for the ground. Others hold themselves parallel to the ground while still others jump feet first. Then there are my crows. They open their wings and glide to the ground.
All the birds maneuver their bodies to land on their feet. Each of them confident they will not crash. Their confidence in their approach is admirable.
I am impressed that not one individual claims their approach is the best or the only way to get to their goal of a nourishing meal.
People,on the other hand feel the need to claim their way to live life is the best or only way to get where they want to go.
It is apparent in religions of the world. Christians divided into Catholicism, Lutherans, Baptist, Methodist. The list goes on and on. Muslins, Buddhists and Pagans are separate as well. I even hear people argue about the “correct” approaches to witchcraft. It makes my heart sad.
I look to ancient ways for my approach. They used what they had available for expression of their feelings, to approach the spirits and universe. They did used sticks or feathers or even their hands to carry their message and prayers to the heavens. They used rhymes to maintain their focus. They kept their knowledge alive by teaching the children and later with the written word.
My question to you is how do you approach achieving your goal?

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