Cooking spells

I cast spells into the food I am cooking every chance I get. Sometimes more than one spell is cast into any given meal.
Today I am cooking cabbage and noodles with smoked sausage. I also added garlic and onion powders along with pepper.
As I chopped the head of cabbage I visualized the meal being enjoyed by my family tomorrow.
When I added the cabbage to the chicken broth I stirred clockwise and cast love into the pot.
Later when the cabbage was becoming tender I added noodles and said,
“Into the pot joy and love and protection must go.
Gone is pain and fear and sorrow.
Into our lives love must grow to fill our hearts for all tomorrows.”

While I stir I call up the power from within, the powers of my ancestors, the power from the universe and release it into the food. Clockwise while I state that which I am inviting into our lives. Counterclockwise to banish that which is not welcome.
*Salt is another powerful ingredient but I didn’t not add it this time because of those family members who have heart or lung issues and need to avoid it.

Happy casting!

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