Feeding your inner witch

Witchcraft is a way of life. It means taking time to connect to nature, studying the craft and reaching out to help others.
I fed my inner witch today by feeding my crows and calling the flock to join me at my house.
While outside I took the time to enjoy the signs of the earth waking up from winter. The early plants shooting bright spring green shoots out of Mother Earth. My beloved maples with their bright red buds swelling and readying themselves to flower so they can feed the bees and other insects so they will pollinate them and be able to generate the seeds to sustain the species.
I took time to walk barefoot and gather the nourishment from the earth itself. Connecting to the power emanating from it.
Mother Nature gives generously and harvests sometimes swiftly and brutally. Syncing ourselves to its rhythms gives us power. Connecting to that which is within ourselves, accepting we are at once lightness and dark then harnessing that energy allows us to call it up at will. When we become adept at calling up the power we become stronger witches.
No matter how busy we allow our lives to become we all are required to feed our inner witches.
Please follow me on my blog so we can find our ways together. Thank you for your time and feedback. Blessed be. We

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