First Aid using plants

Life happens when you least expect it. Today is a cold, rainy day. I was hungry and decided soup was just the ticket to warm the day and fill my rumbling stomach.
The soup was just shy of boiling when I decided it was done. I got the bowl a little too full but carried it carefully to the living room to enjoy watching the rain. I perched the bowl gingerly against my chest, holding it with one hand and reached for a soda cracker with the other. Just then a cough surprised me.
To my horror the hot soup splashed out of the bowl and onto my chest. When I pulled the bowl away from my body my tremors had the soup splashing on my hand. Luckily I got the bowl safely set down without further spilling it on my skin.
I zoomed to the bathroom and splashed cold water on the bright red skin to halt the burning.
Things were still stinging as burns do, so I immediately tried finding the aloe Vera gel I usually have on hand for emergencies. It was nowhere to be found. So I thanked my aloe plant and took one of the precious leaves, opened it up and wiped the healing juices across the burned area of skin. It stopped stinging long enough to have my meal. I need to thank the plant again and harvest another leaf and perform some more first aid. We will revisit healing properties of plants soon.
I hope you will follow my blog as we hurl through life on our big blue marble! Blessed be

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