Becoming one with nature, becoming a more powerful witch

Dive into Mother Nature. Immerse yourself in the energy of it until you feel yourself become a part of the wind. I dearly love facing into the wind as it ushers in a forceful spring or summer thunderstorm. The air is electric with negative ions that smells so good. I thrill from the power of the wind as I imagine becoming a part of it. Free to fly right along with it. The whole concept is freeing. It shifts your focus so you can become one with nature.
When I see a tree that moves my soul I find myself needing to place my hand on its bark and drink in the knowledge it is communicating. Trees calm my spirit. They will share their energy with you.
The same is true with water. Whether you wade in it, swim or surf the water will give you its gifts freely. The gentle compression of the water on our body will rid you of any excess water we may be holding in our tissue. You may be needing a trip to the bathroom but you will feel more svelte when reentering the water. That’s mighty fine feeling.
Once you have gathered the power from the elements it is time to harvest.
Reach down deep inside yourself and bring forth your power.
There’s no need to speak in theatrical voices. Your normal one will be effective.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and will follow me. Blessed be

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