Making money rice

Recently I came across a way to color eggs 🥚 using a plastic container filled with uncooked rice damp with food coloring. The idea was to shake the hard boiled eggs in the container to transfer the color to the eggs. They looked beautiful prepared as they were due to the stippling effect of the uneven amount of food coloring on the rice.
This brought to life the idea that many things could be done in a sequential manner and end up with all the items needed to cast a money spell
When finished coloring the hard boiled eggs green you will be left with a container of green rice. To make it more potent in spellwork sprinkles of oregano and basil may be stirred in or a tablespoon of Italian Seasoning. So now you let the money rice dry.
If you plan to use it right after making it, I would recommend using a tray or plate to avoid getting food coloring on the wooden furniture. Allow it to dry. If you have some rice left over from your altar place it in a 3” by 4” bag to store.
If you are planning to use a green candle and carve “Money” down the length of candle, rub the length of the candle with grapeseed oil then roll it in crushed oregano and basil leaves.
If I were using these powerful ingredients I would set up the dressed candle in the center of the tray (or plate), pour a circle of money rice around the candle with the three decorated eggs at strategic positions on the circle.
Before lighting the candle write the word money on a whole bay leave.
Then after the candle is lit, hold the bay leaf in tweezers and light the leaf in the candleflame.
My best advice is to have an ashtray nearby or simply hold the leaf to the flame until it is consumed.
If you are a frugal witch you would want to collect the bay leaf ashes accompanied by black pepper to sprinkle around the doors of your house to protect it from unwelcome spirits.
Your money spell could be something like this:
“Money draw to the light like a moth to a flame.
Burn away struggle and pain.
Three by three, Money comes to me.”I hope you love coming by my blog! Feel free to leave comments to!

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