Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Today I am caught up with memories of my childhood when mom would make fresh lemonade for Patty, my cousin, and I to sell at our lemonade stand.

She would get out her glass squeezer and grind the lemon halves against the ridges of glass breaking all the tiny sections that contain the juice. She was very careful not to waste any of the lemon so she would work on it until there was no pulp left. Then water was added and last of all, sugar. Then we tasted sips until we had the right amount of sugar.

That is very subjective. I without fail thought it needed more sugar and she didn’t always add it because I had a habit of wanting a lot of sugar, then refusing to drink it because it was too sweet. Back in my early days I was picky about having sweets and frequently refused to eat very much sugar. I now wish I would have stuck by those principles!

Today the weather is in the sixties and I have spring fever. The lemons in my refrigerator were calling me so tonight for dinner we are having fresh squeezed lemonade using my grandma’s squeezer. Dad still has mama’s but someday I will use her’s and we will make lemonade together again!

Many blessings to all of you! Please follow my blog and we will share more time together. Thank you!

One thought on “Fresh Squeezed Lemonade”

  1. The lemonade turned out quite good. Plenty of the tartiness remains and I made it only slightly sweet. Mom would have been proud of me!
    I even composted the peels. It was my small way of celebrating our planet that means the world to me!


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