Charge Yourself With The Moon

Tonight is the full moon. I read about people charging their crystals in the light of the full moon. To help me facilitate this tradition I have placed my crystals in a very old wooden box a bit bigger than a tackle box for fishing.

This month I am going to take them outside to allow the moon shine her silvery light upon them. Raising their energy levels to that which they were before I used some during meditation. I like to hold a sphere in each hand. My favorites together is rose quartz in my left hand and green fluorite in my right. They shoot the most amazing energy through me while I meditate.

Sometimes the mood strikes me to bump the spheres together more or less gently because I don’t want to break them but hard enough to excite the atoms and molecules inside the crystals and ramp up their vibrations. Holding these vibrating spheres increases my vibrations too. As I hold them, my vibrations tend to synchronize themselves with the vibrating spheres.

I align my chakras by holding the vibrating spheres against the associated chakra area on my body. They will be vibrated into synchronicity, whatever blockages I may have there will dissipate, my chi flows better. It makes me feel better inside. It gives me energy.

I am planning to go outside under the full moon and charge myself as well. I draw the moon’s energy into myself while holding my arms skyward while I draw down the moon. I love feeling the energy infuse into my body!

I hope you have the opportunity to go outside and see the moon tonight. It is gorgeous!

Endless blessings to all of you! Please join me on my blog. I look forward to hearing from you!

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