Oranges in my tree

Every year in early May Baltimore Orioles migrate through our area. They only stay a couple of weeks so spotting them is a fun experience for our family.

I thread a string though oranges 🍊 and hang them in our tree. They will land on the orange and feed on the juice. It is a great way to feed them and let them rest awhile before they continue on their journey.

Today I was a little late getting my oranges in the tree but I spotted an Oriole as it flew away from the hummingbird feeder it had grabbed a drink from and got to watch it feed from the apple flavored suet cake before it went on its merry way. I was so happy to see it!

Yesterday we got to see a hummingbird drink from the feeder while we were having our family dinner together. We all love hummingbirds!

Blessings are all around us. We just need to keep our eyes and hearts open to see them everyday!

Many blessings to you! Please follow my blog. I love hearing from you!


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