My brooms

Today I went to a thrift store with my husband. We took extra things we had around the house to be donated to help others. It only seemed fair.

When I first walked in I couldn’t believe my eyes. They had brooms! I am pulled by handcrafted brooms! I resisted the urge to run over to check them out, choosing instead to explore all that was available. But I was vibrating with the energy I felt coming off of them. When I walked over to them It was exciting. I immediately picked up a spider broom.

Its bristles were bundled together in a circle. The price tag said $7.50. It was mine! I picked up the besom whose bristles were stitched into a fan shape. The moment I hoped it would be mine was when I saw the very crooked stick that was the handle. The only thing that kept me from claiming it at that moment was the fact there was no price tag. My mind flashed back twenty years ago when my mom and I were looking at a display of handcrafted brooms at a festival we were attending. All the brooms were so expensive. I really didn’t understand at that time why anyone would pay over $100 for a handmade broom when they could go to the store and buy one for so much less! The energy was far beyond my comprehension at that time. However, I have learned so much about the significance of brooms since that day.

I literally held my breath after asking the price. The older gentleman who was checking us out picked it up and was dumbfounded by the crooked handle. He showed it to the woman helping him and stated his amazement. Not that I blamed him. My reaction to the brooms twenty years ago was very similar. I totally understood. When he said $5, he was sure he was overcharging me. I, on the other hand, was finding it very difficult to not jump up and down with joy! I finally found my broom and though I love them both the crooked one is my favorite. They are both standing by my front door.

I have included a sweeping spell for you, along with the prayer that you too find your broom. I hope to hear from you soon. May you only find blessings at your door!

Sweep, sweep, sweep the ground.

Negative energies shall be bound.

Banish harm, spoil and pain.

Only positive shall remain.

As I will it, so mote it be.


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