Sweeping Spell

Spells are merely a different way to say a prayer, Cite an intention.

Tuesday I found my broom at a wonderful church thrift store. Actually I found two. They are both handcrafted. They have both served me well in the short time I have had them.

The larger one of the two has a crooked stick for the handle and the bristles are sewn into a fan shape. I loved it at first sight. Yesterday I swept the hardwood and the tiled floors with it. All the while saying, “Sweep, sweep, sweep the ground.

Negative energies shall be bound.

Banish harm, spoil and pain.

Only positive shall remain.”

I felt better and better as I swept. In my mind I was protecting my family and home from anyone who has ill intentions toward any of us. I disturbed the energy flowing around me by the sweeping motion I was doing and focusing my attention through my words spoken aloud and trying to maintain control over my broom which is no easy feat due to the crooked handle.

Later in the evening a spider crawling around on the wall in front of me caught my attention. I was sitting there watching him and willing it to leave my sight. Anyone who knows me understands I really don’t like spiders at all but they are attracted to me. I find them everywhere.

I have been trying to not need to kill them all, but I made some progress in this direction yesterday. The blessed little creature began crawling up the vaulted ceiling and I just couldn’t deal with it being in a position to potentially drop down on me. I absolutely draw the line in the sand right there.

So I quickly walked over to the corner by my front door and picked up my spider broom and gently extended it toward him. Like a good little spider it hopped right on the bristles and I carried him out the front door and shook him out of the broom to be free to live his life outside. I really am making progress because only a month ago he would have become either a flat or drowned arachnid without a second thought from me.

There was a third handmade broom at the thrift shop and if it is still there next week it will be coming home with me. I really liked it too but was trying not to buy them all at once and give other people a chance to claim it for themselves. However, if it is still there when I go back I will have no difficulty claiming it as my own. I really don’t see a need to resist laying claim to as many brooms as you are attracted to. I know I am not limiting myself by an ambiguous number which implies any more exceeding it is just being greedy. I would like to have the broom I met Tuesday and two of the broom my father had. He buys high quality brooms to do cleaning with at home. But his health is slowly fading so when he is done with his brooms they will be mine. They will be very powerful besoms indeed. And they will fit perfectly with the happy green glittery broom and the black glittery one from Cracker Barrel ones my hubby bought me last Halloween.

I love quality made brooms in all shapes and sizes. Frankly I am considering beautifying some of them with feathers, beads, and crystals. I have not been able to visualize them transitioning to their new forms as of this writing. If it begin to see them being transformed I will decorate them and post pictures of them so you know appreciate their transformation too

Blessed be. I urge you to search for your tools such as brooms and wands in unlikely places like thrift stores because you will never be able to predict what you will find and you are only limited on how to utilize them by your imagination. It is a fun way to discover tools to help others!


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