Remember how far you’ve come

Sometimes while we are weathering a storm in our lives we forget to remember how far we have already gone. We look around and see obstacles everywhere. It distracts from keeping our mind focused on the goals of where we really want to go.

When I was told it would take five years to complete the schooling to become a physical therapist, it seemed like an eternity to me. But those I worked with in Special Populations at the local college I was attending asked me how fast the previous five years had passed? I had to admit that they had gone quickly. Then I was asked what made me think the next five years would go any slower. It seemed logical so I accepted it as my new reality.

Some days seemed to last forever but the weeks and months flew by. The next thing I knew I was at a point in time where I had to decide whether I wanted to become a physical therapist or a physician’s assistant. Another area in medicine I was interested in. Frankly I wanted to be a doctor but waited too long before having “Take Two” at resuming my college career.

I decided on physical therapy because I could begin helping people heal immediately after graduation from Grad School where I would have had two more years of high stress schooling to go. I wanted to be a healer too much to delay any longer.

I had the privilege of being very helpful for five years before developing Lupus and my health taking a nosedive and ending in retirement long before I wanted to.

So once again I was where I didn’t want to be. Nor was I where I used to be.

I had to redefine what feeling good meant. And I also began the process of reinventing myself again.

I truly enjoy reading and writing, getting to know my son’s girlfriend and her family who I have already claimed as my grandchildren, all seven of them!

I am most assuredly not where I was and I am most grateful for being where I am. Are there other storms on the immediate horizon? Too numerous to count but I am letting them take care of themselves until it’s time to deal with them directly. I intend to live life to the fullest along the way.

Today after leaving the confines of a wonderful church thrift store the warm rain was truly pouring from the sky. We giggled all the way to the car and were drenched by the time we could pile into its warm confines. Two grown woman and three teenagers giggling at the adventure we went through together! It was so much fun. They made what would have been a boring day by myself to a wonderful bonding time with everyone! Storms are in the sidelines waiting to pop up and cause grief, but until they get here I want to focus on good times with all my new almost relatives. I love them all immeasurably!

Next week’s adventure is going to visit with my dad while Danielle, Hailey, Clare and Klowey take care of households duties for him. Dad will also have a chance to become acquainted with these wonderful girls too. He will enjoy it immensely because they are so full of life which is something he enjoys so very much.

Hang on Daddy! We are going to rock your world next week!

Maybe we will get to play in the rain again too. I love to go for long walks in the rain. It is so refreshing and it smells good too!


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