Magical Vanilla

Today I am making an infusion of vanilla into sugar. I will use it when it’s finished to infuse love into whatever I am cooking. And with the added bonus of a good dose of flavor.

Vanilla is associated with love charms. It tends to calm us, lower our guard physically, lull our senses while subtly seducing people into a state of wellbeing.
It can be worn as an aphrodisiac. Even Granny Clampett dabbed vanilla behind her ears when she wanted to smell pretty!

Vanilla can also revitalize your energy and attract good fortune.

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Shine like the brightest star

We all have an electromagnetic energy that we emit up to ten feet away from ourselves. Everyone reacts to this field whether they realize it or not.
It influences their behavior towards you.
Take the opportunity next time you are among others to beam your light to others. Keep your eyes friendly, your face relaxed and say hello to people you don’t know. Make eye contact. Project your love and acceptance out into the universe.
Shine like the brightest star no matter what shape you are!

Making money rice

Recently I came across a way to color eggs 🥚 using a plastic container filled with uncooked rice damp with food coloring. The idea was to shake the hard boiled eggs in the container to transfer the color to the eggs. They looked beautiful prepared as they were due to the stippling effect of the uneven amount of food coloring on the rice.
This brought to life the idea that many things could be done in a sequential manner and end up with all the items needed to cast a money spell
When finished coloring the hard boiled eggs green you will be left with a container of green rice. To make it more potent in spellwork sprinkles of oregano and basil may be stirred in or a tablespoon of Italian Seasoning. So now you let the money rice dry.
If you plan to use it right after making it, I would recommend using a tray or plate to avoid getting food coloring on the wooden furniture. Allow it to dry. If you have some rice left over from your altar place it in a 3” by 4” bag to store.
If you are planning to use a green candle and carve “Money” down the length of candle, rub the length of the candle with grapeseed oil then roll it in crushed oregano and basil leaves.
If I were using these powerful ingredients I would set up the dressed candle in the center of the tray (or plate), pour a circle of money rice around the candle with the three decorated eggs at strategic positions on the circle.
Before lighting the candle write the word money on a whole bay leave.
Then after the candle is lit, hold the bay leaf in tweezers and light the leaf in the candleflame.
My best advice is to have an ashtray nearby or simply hold the leaf to the flame until it is consumed.
If you are a frugal witch you would want to collect the bay leaf ashes accompanied by black pepper to sprinkle around the doors of your house to protect it from unwelcome spirits.
Your money spell could be something like this:
“Money draw to the light like a moth to a flame.
Burn away struggle and pain.
Three by three, Money comes to me.”I hope you love coming by my blog! Feel free to leave comments to!

She is a breathing work of art!

Every woman is sculpted by the events of her life. A crone is defined by more than just her age. Her wisdom is greater than the number of wrinkles on her face or the silver in her hair. She is not always defined by being passed the age of childbearing. She may not have been blessed with children. She is a living, breathing work of art.
Her beauty shines from within!

Becoming one with nature, becoming a more powerful witch

Dive into Mother Nature. Immerse yourself in the energy of it until you feel yourself become a part of the wind. I dearly love facing into the wind as it ushers in a forceful spring or summer thunderstorm. The air is electric with negative ions that smells so good. I thrill from the power of the wind as I imagine becoming a part of it. Free to fly right along with it. The whole concept is freeing. It shifts your focus so you can become one with nature.
When I see a tree that moves my soul I find myself needing to place my hand on its bark and drink in the knowledge it is communicating. Trees calm my spirit. They will share their energy with you.
The same is true with water. Whether you wade in it, swim or surf the water will give you its gifts freely. The gentle compression of the water on our body will rid you of any excess water we may be holding in our tissue. You may be needing a trip to the bathroom but you will feel more svelte when reentering the water. That’s mighty fine feeling.
Once you have gathered the power from the elements it is time to harvest.
Reach down deep inside yourself and bring forth your power.
There’s no need to speak in theatrical voices. Your normal one will be effective.
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First Aid using plants

Life happens when you least expect it. Today is a cold, rainy day. I was hungry and decided soup was just the ticket to warm the day and fill my rumbling stomach.
The soup was just shy of boiling when I decided it was done. I got the bowl a little too full but carried it carefully to the living room to enjoy watching the rain. I perched the bowl gingerly against my chest, holding it with one hand and reached for a soda cracker with the other. Just then a cough surprised me.
To my horror the hot soup splashed out of the bowl and onto my chest. When I pulled the bowl away from my body my tremors had the soup splashing on my hand. Luckily I got the bowl safely set down without further spilling it on my skin.
I zoomed to the bathroom and splashed cold water on the bright red skin to halt the burning.
Things were still stinging as burns do, so I immediately tried finding the aloe Vera gel I usually have on hand for emergencies. It was nowhere to be found. So I thanked my aloe plant and took one of the precious leaves, opened it up and wiped the healing juices across the burned area of skin. It stopped stinging long enough to have my meal. I need to thank the plant again and harvest another leaf and perform some more first aid. We will revisit healing properties of plants soon.
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Feeding your inner witch

Witchcraft is a way of life. It means taking time to connect to nature, studying the craft and reaching out to help others.
I fed my inner witch today by feeding my crows and calling the flock to join me at my house.
While outside I took the time to enjoy the signs of the earth waking up from winter. The early plants shooting bright spring green shoots out of Mother Earth. My beloved maples with their bright red buds swelling and readying themselves to flower so they can feed the bees and other insects so they will pollinate them and be able to generate the seeds to sustain the species.
I took time to walk barefoot and gather the nourishment from the earth itself. Connecting to the power emanating from it.
Mother Nature gives generously and harvests sometimes swiftly and brutally. Syncing ourselves to its rhythms gives us power. Connecting to that which is within ourselves, accepting we are at once lightness and dark then harnessing that energy allows us to call it up at will. When we become adept at calling up the power we become stronger witches.
No matter how busy we allow our lives to become we all are required to feed our inner witches.
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Cooking spells

I cast spells into the food I am cooking every chance I get. Sometimes more than one spell is cast into any given meal.
Today I am cooking cabbage and noodles with smoked sausage. I also added garlic and onion powders along with pepper.
As I chopped the head of cabbage I visualized the meal being enjoyed by my family tomorrow.
When I added the cabbage to the chicken broth I stirred clockwise and cast love into the pot.
Later when the cabbage was becoming tender I added noodles and said,
“Into the pot joy and love and protection must go.
Gone is pain and fear and sorrow.
Into our lives love must grow to fill our hearts for all tomorrows.”

While I stir I call up the power from within, the powers of my ancestors, the power from the universe and release it into the food. Clockwise while I state that which I am inviting into our lives. Counterclockwise to banish that which is not welcome.
*Salt is another powerful ingredient but I didn’t not add it this time because of those family members who have heart or lung issues and need to avoid it.

Happy casting!

Approaching your dreams

Lately I have had the privilege of watching nesting birds approach the food at our feeders.
The grackles have three distinctive approaches from the dogwood tree nearby. Some dive beak first for the ground. Others hold themselves parallel to the ground while still others jump feet first. Then there are my crows. They open their wings and glide to the ground.
All the birds maneuver their bodies to land on their feet. Each of them confident they will not crash. Their confidence in their approach is admirable.
I am impressed that not one individual claims their approach is the best or the only way to get to their goal of a nourishing meal.
People,on the other hand feel the need to claim their way to live life is the best or only way to get where they want to go.
It is apparent in religions of the world. Christians divided into Catholicism, Lutherans, Baptist, Methodist. The list goes on and on. Muslins, Buddhists and Pagans are separate as well. I even hear people argue about the “correct” approaches to witchcraft. It makes my heart sad.
I look to ancient ways for my approach. They used what they had available for expression of their feelings, to approach the spirits and universe. They did used sticks or feathers or even their hands to carry their message and prayers to the heavens. They used rhymes to maintain their focus. They kept their knowledge alive by teaching the children and later with the written word.
My question to you is how do you approach achieving your goal?