Sweeping the Ceiling

Our house is a zoo. Literally a zoo. In it are housed two dogs, a salt water aquarium, a bearded dragon and two Amazon parrots, Goose (I am a big fan of Top Gun) and Slick (who was not so coordinated as a chick).

Birds have bird dust under their feathers on their skin. It is vital to their wellbeing. It flies off them when they shake their feathers out. And even though it is a pain in the butt we love them. They are very much a part of the family. We have had them since they were six and seven weeks old. They are approaching thirty now.

Enter the textured vaulted ceiling of our living room. Parrot dust collects on the surfaces of the ceiling and the webs of spiders who roam our house despite my best efforts to the  to be a spider free zone. Spiders and I would be on better terms if they would just stay outside. But for reasons unknown to me, spiders are attracted to my daughter and I, therefore they sneak inside.

The dust and the webs got to be too much and I asked my hubby to sweep the ceiling last week. Today is the big day! Amid much moaning and groaning (we are no spring chickens anymore) Jim goes up and down the ladder as he is sweeps the ceiling today! He will feel it tomorrow in his achy muscles and joints. I am thrilled with the results every time it has to happen. I don’t know of another soul who has to perform this task.

I am filled with gratitude!

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Love and best wishes to you!

Rough Day

So many on Facebook are having a hard time coping with today. People and even their pets are facing surgery, generally not feeling well or trying to get through problems that feel insurmountable today. So to everyone, whether you need it or not, I am sending you endless love and healing energy. May we all take a collective breath taking in healing light and exhaling strife. Blessings to all today. It will get better. ♥️❤️♥️

Painting with April

April is my daughter whom I love beyond words. She is very kind and thoughtful as well as generous. She noticed that I needed a diversion and brought into my life pour painting which we do together. We have so much fun choosing colors to work with and trying out different techniques for getting the desired results. Learning as we go. It forces us to make split second decisions as well as teaching us to be flexible enough to adapt to the changes that occur so very fast. It teaches us to be kind to ourselves when things go sideways sometimes.

We often get swept away with creativity and do not notice time flying by. That makes it difficult for her to maintain her sleeping schedule so she can function better at work. But that doesn’t stop us when painting as often as we can.

It gives both of us wonderful memories to share and beautiful canvases filled with color that we can share with others and hang on our walls. We share colors that we have mixed with each other that make our paintings complement the other’s work.

We have a blast opening the sliding glass door to let the fresh air in and allows our dogs, Abbie and Leon, the ability to come and go as they please so they can run and bark to their heart’s content and often get the neighbors’s dog into mischief because he just can’t help himself and barks right back at them. Opening the door helps keep the fumes from the paint down which helps us feel better.

I love and cherish our painting time together!

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Amazing Night

I celebrated Spring by going frogging last night. We weren’t there to catch them but rather to hear their voices. It was so joyous to listen to the loud serenade of Spring Peepers anxious to find their mates and lay their eggs for the next generation and hopefully many more. The collective volume at times deafening.

A group of us gathered at ten different locations with a naturalist to monitor how the frog 🐸 populations are doing in Southwest lower Michigan. We also were taught how to listen for Wood Frogs and estimate how many were singing. It turns out that it’s hard to catch the numbers here because they only sing 🎶 for three or four nights then remain silent the rest of the time.

Chorus Frogs were on the list of those we were hoping to hear. Their calls were fewer than the other two and sound similar to a person running their thumb up a comb.

There were a couple of surprises in that we heard Cricket Frogs (sounds similar to bumping two rocks together) and three toads who were anxious to spread their DNA.

What does this have to do with being a witch? It is our duty to connect with nature and take care of the earth. I felt recharged from the connections last night. We were outdoors at one with the water, felt the wind blowing through my hair and surrounding me with the life giving oxygen. I felt the earth beneath my shoes and actually resisted the urge to slip them off and connect with the earth beneath my feet. We didn’t experience fire 🔥 but that was all right given the circumstances. But the fire in my soul burned  away the stress of the day and left me feeling so refreshed.

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A worry plaque

Today I was watching a video of Irish children putting their hand on an interactive plaque with a hand print in the middle. When the child first places their hand there it glows red. The child is instructed by an adult to cast  their worries through their hand into the wood and give it to the fairies. Beneath the child’s hand the plaque then glows green and they are told they were successful at casting their worries to the fairies 🧚‍♂️ 🧚‍♀️and everyone is joyous.

We may not have an interactive plaque at our fingertips but we can do something similar by “earthing.” We can cast your worries into the earth itself by walking barefoot outside. Picture in your mind roots coming out of your feet and sending all negative energy down through the roots and into the earth.

If being outdoors is not possible then imagine that roots are extending down from where you are and send your worries packing!

If you need to, get on your knees and place your hands on the earth, focus your energy and send it into the ground with your hands as well.

The bottom line is this. Cast your worries away. They accomplish nothing but draining your energy. Enjoy the day moment to moment.  In the end it is all we truly have.

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